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A-TEC Optima 60 gjenget

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kr 4 550,00

This is a premium product with added diameter and volume for effect. It is modular and you can change the two front modules to make it fit another calibre and you can keep the rear module.

The A-TEC Optima is extremely durable due to the hybrid design: A hardened aluminum alloy designed to handle high temperature, and a stainless steel core that will secure its lifespan to meet most shooters needs.


Performance Chart: 

Overall performance: 35 DB(C)
Silencer weight:  440 grams
Diameter: 60 mm
Over barrel length:  80 mm
Added length: 150 mm
Total length: 230 mm
Max barrel diameter:  Ø23.7 mm

Available Calibers: 

.224 .264 (6.5 mm)
.30 .338

Available Threads: 

1/2"-20 UNF 1/2"-28 UNEF 5/8"-24 UNEF
M13x1 M14x1 M14x1,5
M15x1 M17x1 M18x1