HENNING Grips LF Checkered-Rød

HENNING Grips LF Checkered-Rød
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kr 924,00
kr 1 320,00



These grips are ergonomically shaped to fit your hands and thoughtfully machined to fit tight in your frame.
They are all made out of 6061 aluminum.
They are offered in either an anodized color.

We recommend ordering the Henning Stainless Torx Head Grip Screws when you order your grip.
We have specifically designed a grip screw that is tougher than the factory, has a smaller head and uses a Torx which reduces the chances of accidentally scratch your grips when tightening the screws.
The factory flat head screwdriver can slip. Always use blue loctite when you tighten your grips. If you use your factory screws you may need to trim the head diameter to fit the Contour Grips.
We have recently switched to using a small hole in the grips to make the nicer looking which will require the grip screw head to be turned down if you are using factory wood grip screws.
The factory aluminum grip screws will still fit.

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