HENNING iFiber-W090"xH180"

HENNING iFiber-W090"xH180"
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Henning iFiber Fiber Optic Front Sight

Fits Tanfoglio / EAA Elite Limited, Stock, Stock II, Hunter and Match pistols with front dovetail cut.
We are running these right now (Oct 2010) and more options will be added in the coming months.

iFiber 95 x 180 Limited : 0.095" W x 0.180" H. The ultimate tall and skinny front sight for Limited, Stock II, Hunter, Gold Match.

iFiber 105 x 180 Limited : 0.105" W x 0.180" H. For those who want a wider front sight, but smaller and taller than the factory. Very good for Hunter and Gold Match 6 inch guns ! Also great for Limited, Stock Ii for those who wanted a slightly wider sight than the 95, but still thinner than the factory options.

iFiber 95 x 140 Match : 0.095" W x 0.140" H. This sight is made specifically for the "Match" and "Stock I" which comes with a factory 0.125" tall front. You'll need the lower fiber sight or you'll run out of adjustment with the factory adjustable rear sight.

The Fiber Rod measures 0.040" and can be either red, green or yellow. Each sight is supplied with set screw and 3 Red rods.

For more in-depth information on this sight, read this feature article.
The iFiber is a High Quality Fiber Optic Post made in 4140 steel with a BearCoat Flat Black finish.

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