IGB Glock 22LR System Glock 19

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IGB Glock .22LR System - consists of:

IGB steel-slide with MOS Cut and IGB cover plate
The IGB Small Bore System is made completely of steel. For This reason, handling and shooting features are ver similar to 9mm. All system parts made from steel are plasmanitrated. All inner parts - such as firing pin, extractor etc. are OEM parts and easy to change.
The slide comes with MOS cut and allows the use of according Optics on the market. The IGB Cover Plate is made from polymer and part of standard delivery.

IGB .22lr barrel with 1/2 x 28 UNEF muzzle thread
The barrel is made form special endurable IGB barrel steel. The blank is profiled and processed in-house und undergoes plasmanitration. The barrelmuzzle is threaded 1/2x28 UNEF in order to allow various accessories existing on the market. The thread protector is made from polymere and part of delivery.

10 rds magazine

Ammunition Recommendation:
Generally, the use of Quality Ammunition is recommended for such systems. Extremly strong ammo like Stinger, MaxiMag or other Hypervelocity Cartridges are not neccary and even not really recommended. The system has been tested so far with Remington HV22, Eley Tenex, RWS Rifle Match, RWS100, RWS LR Solid, Federal Classic, Fiocchi Maxac, CCI Green Tag, CCI Standard Velocity, CCI Minimag, Lapua Trainer, S&B Club.

Manufacturer Information:
IGB Austria manufactures barrels from steel block to finished product. Being independent of any blank supply, IGB Austria chooses the finest steel for pistol barrels. In terms of Glock Pistols, IGB Austria offers barrels for any Glock, for any Generation, in any length and exports those in-house produced barrels worldwide.

Every IGB barrel is sold with a warranty if shot with factory ammunition according to the C.I.P. or SAAMI standards.