IGB Slide G17 Gen4 MOS 9x19 STANDARD

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kr 5 820,00
IGB slide ( upper ) fitting frames of the following Glock (R)  Pistol Models:
  • Glock 17 Gen4
  • Glock 17C Gen4
  • Glock 17 Gen4 MOS
  • Glock 22 Gen4
  • Glock 35 Gen4
  • Glock 35 Gen4 MOS
  • Glock 31 Gen4
  • Glock 31C Gen4
Material: Superior European Barrel Steel
Hardening: Plasmanitration
Surface Color: Black
No inner parts.

CIP Proof Mark
Please choose CIP proof mark if mandatory in your country.

Further Options:
You will find lots of barrels and options in this shop.

Serial Number:
IGB is obliged to put a serial number on the slide. The number can be individualised according to your wish.

Manufacturer Information:
IGB Austria manufactures barrels from steel block to finished product. Being independent of any gun supplier, IGB Austria chooses the finest steel for its products.