HIPERFIRE Hipertouch Eclipse Trigger Kit

kr 4 690,00
Breathtakingly Smooth, Light Pull With Plenty of Hammer Oomph
Hiperfire’s revamped Hipertouch trigger line gives the AR-15 shooter an impressive array of options in a single-stage trigger with shorter pre-travel, faster reset, and increased hammer energy than the standard G.I.-type trigger. Dual coil springs across the top of the Hiperfire trigger reduce friction on the sear and increase hammer striking power by 35% over a "mil-spec" trigger, while a pair of interchangeable color-coded springs let you choose between a 2.5 lb. or 3.5 lb. pull weight. Of course, all the Hipertouch models give your AR-15 a smooth, consistent pull with just a hint of creep, a snappy break, and a very short over-travel, followed by fast reset so you’re ready to take the next shot. A Hipertouch trigger in your AR-15 will help you improve your shot timing, control, and confidence for more accurate hits on the target. The Hipertouch’s consistent pull doesn’t signal hammer release like some triggers, so the shooter doesn’t develop a flinch in anticipation of the rifle firing. The shooter can stay relaxed and doesn’t build tension in the trigger finger. All of this adds up to better control over the gun, better shot timing, improved confidence and more accurate shooting. Consistent single-stage pull with a just a hint of "creep" 2 interchangeable hammer springs provide 2 pull weigh options - 2.5 lb. or 3.5 lb. NO fussy setscrews that can back out or otherwise lose your settings Unusually fast locktime Hard, positive hammer strikes without compromising pull weight Fits small-pin (.153") AR-15 lower receivers & AR 308 rifles that use AR-15 triggers 6 models to choose from - read on... Genesis is the Hipertouch base model, an excellent upgrade for law enforcement, military, service rifle competition shooters, and personal defense. Auto offers same functionality as Genesis for select-fire full-auto M16 / M4-type rifles. Built like the proverbial tank to handle the punishment of fast-cycling operation. Elite is a match-quality trigger that breaks quickly, after even shorter pre-travel than the Genesis, with very quick, positive reset. Letoff is extremely easy to control. Competition is ideal for competitive shooters who want the bare minimum of pre-travel and a straight trigger shoe. The adjustable finger pad gives you even more refined control. It can be set at five different positions for further refinement of pre-travel and trigger weight. Position the shoe farther down the bow to increase leverage and effectively reduce pull weight. The result is effectively 10 pull weight options rather than two. Or leave the pad off and enjoy the enhanced tactile control of a straight trigger. Reflex is similar to Competition but with a traditional curved trigger shoe - same trigger pull with virtually no creep. Excellent for Designated Marksman rifles, LE use, and 3-gun competition. Eclipse is the ultimate Hipertouch trigger, with all the upgrades of the Competition model, including straight shoe and adjustable finger pad plus Hiperfire’s Nickel Bliss electroless Nickel Boron (NiB) finish on all contact surfaces for enhanced corrosion protection and, more importantly, an EVEN SMOOTHER feel than its Hipertouch siblings. This pull is so smooth, clean, and consistent you’ll think the laws of physics have been broken. They haven’t.